Saturday, February 23, 2008

Season On The Brink

It is with much amusement that I sit back and watch the Indiana University men's basketball program implode around the NCAA infractions brought upon the program by "cellphone sanctions"...  oops! I mean Kelvin Sampson.
What goes around comes around.
After the IU faithful gave Purdue fans a load of grief about a modest issue related to a recruit receiving a free car ride to his motel during a driving rain storm, it is rather refreshing to see the IU basketball program crumble under some very serious recruiting violations. Violations brought upon the university by a coach who was already guilty of committing similar violations at another school. What idiots. If the athletic director is not fired too, it will be a disgrace to the school.
Thank you to Purdue Coach Matt Painter and Athletic Director Morgan Burke. You two make me very proud to be a Purdue Alum. Keep up the good work and BOILER UP!

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