Friday, December 23, 2022

Fjorden Camera Grip Solution for MagSafe iPhone Case

We were very excited about our purchase and receipt of the innovative Fjorden Camera Grip for our iPhone. The grip is a fantastic accessory for the iPhone, helping to create an authentic SLR camera experience with the convenience of using the phone in your pocket! 

Our purchase included the Fjorden MagSafe case for iPhone. The case worked perfectly. However, we really like our Pad & Quill leather iPhone wallet, and it was rather inconvenient to have to remove the phone from the wallet and install it in the Fjorden MagSafe case every time we wanted to use the FJorden grip. 

This led us to make a few simple modifications to the Fjorden MagSafe case to allow us to use the Fjorden grip with our Pad & Quill leather iPhone wallet. It was a very simple adaption that works well for our purposes. 

Here are the steps to our solution. 

1) Cut the back from the Fjorden MagSafe case to provide the foundation for connecting the Fjorden grip to the leather wallet. We used a sharp utility knife and metal straightedge to trim the flat portion away from the edge of the Fjorden MagSafe case. We'll refer to the resulting piece as the "Fjorden foundation" for the rest of these instructions. 

2) Obtain a magnetic mounting plate to attach to the Fjoden foundation. We found a good option on Amazon with the brand name, Encased. It's a thin magnetic mount designed to match the MagSafe diameter. It fits perfectly in the MagSafe space provided on the Pad & Quill leather case. 

3) Epoxy the magnetic mounting plate to the Fjorden foundation. After removing the thin felt covering from the Fjorden foundation and cleaning the surface for good adhesion, the MagSafe mounting plate was epoxied in the correct location. Be certain that the Fjorden foundation does not interfere with the iPhone camera lenses and that it places the Fjorden grip in the optimal location for ease of use. 

4) After the epoxy has dried and the magnetic mounting plate is secure, attach the Fjoden grip to the modified Fjoden foundation and place it on the iPhone leather wallet. 

That's it! If your magnetic mounting plate has adequate magnetic strength, the Fjorden grip should now be securely in place on the leather wallet and ready for use. 

This was a great way for us to adapt the Fjorden grip for use with our iPhone leather wallet and avoids the need to exchange the iPhone case when we want to take photos using the camera grip. Maybe this will give you some ideas on how you can use the Fjorden grip with your phone.