Saturday, March 1, 2008

2008 Presidential Election

I have great respect for the democratic election process that is used in the United States and I am very grateful that the Nation's citizens have the opportunity to participate. However...
Doesn't it seem like the 2008 election campaign process has been going on for like three years? I am so tired of hearing about Hillary, Obama and McCain on the radio and television news broadcasts. Enough already!
I fear that this political circus could result in even more voter apathy than normal, although one would think that regardless of who gets the nod coming out of the national conventions, it will bring a record number of voters to the polls. Not to necessarily vote in favor of a particular candidate, but to make certain that votes are cast against a particular candidate. Everyone has someone to dislike in this election.

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  1. March 30, 2013
    GE Hybrid Electric Water Heaters
    Apparently the new GE Hybrid water heater has a real service problem.
    I was told by the GE service center supervisor, that in order for the high efficiency portion of the heater to be serviced, the technician needs get behind the water heater. Almost impossible when the heater is installed in a closet or even up against a wall. Note neither the marketing information or the installation instructions documented this. I was told that even though the heater is still under the GE warranty, I would have to pay a plumber to uninstall the heater and put it in the middle of the room in order for the technician to have full access to the rear of the unit, before they would honor the warranty. After the repair pay the plumber for another visit to reinstall the heater. I paid $1,730.92 for this “high efficacy” heater. When normal heater would have cost around $450 and now the high efficiency portion will not work unless I pay an additional unknown hundreds of dollars for two plumber visits. What good is the GE warranty, plus I wasted $1,280.92.
    Signed: Unhappy GE customer.