Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Have you seen Twitter yet?

Twitter is a blog site for those if us who are not talented enough to actually "write something" that is meaningful enough to make people want to sit there and read.

I think of Twitter as the CNN Headline News of blog sites. I love CNN Headline News. I can get all of the world news that I need in fifteen minutes with very little fluff.

Twitter users can post up to 140 characters per entry, and can submit their entries via the Twitter web site, SMS or IM. That allows users to make updates from just about anywhere. Pretty darn ingenious.

I have always felt like blog sites were the ideal place for people to author an extensive rant, and well... I just don't rant that much (I have not found it worth the time or effort). H0wever, with Twitter, I can quickly and easily publish just a brief thought or two to share with family and friends.

Twitter could be just what I was looking for to fill the gaps between posts to this site. Check it out for yourself at twitter.com, or to view my entries, browse to twitter.com/yagelski.

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