Monday, September 22, 2008

Politics, Religion, the Press, and You.

Don't worry. I am not going to waste this space or your time with a rant telling you who you should vote for, or against. This is much more importent than that. It is safe for you to read-on...
Are you tired of hearing about the upcoming presidential election yet?

Living near Washington DC, it seems as though we have been the victims of a media blitz for a couple of years now.

News radio, talk radio, television, magazines, newpapers, billboards, bus signs, on line news, blog sites and the bum on the corner all provide a constant barrage of opinions. They inform us of the candidates' work history, personal life, family life, political positions, religious beliefs, underwear color, shoe size and elementary school report cards. It is information overload. The media pumps us full of so much data that it is almost impossible to digest it all.

The information comes at us so fast, that we no longer take the time to really 'listen.' We no longer take the time to determine what is fact and what is fiction. We no longer contemplate on what we have heard to determine how it impacts our lives, or even if it is really important enough to be an issue. We no longer think for ourselves.


Let me say that one more time.

We no longer think for ourselves.

I am often saddened to hear friends, neighbors and complete strangers simply echo political opinion published by the media, or worse yet by a Hollywood celebrity (What in the world makes a person in the entertainment industry believe that they are an authority on global political matters? You host a day time talk show, or you win an Emmy for supporting actor in a comedy series, and somehow you have earned the right to spout some political garabage to a captive audience? Oops. I digress.)

When it comes to politics and religion, I have always believed that everyone should carefully consider all of the issues and make up their own mind.

It's fine to listen to the talking heads on the television, but use your own head to discern what is important.

We all seem to remember that the freedoms we are so very blessed with as United States citizens allow us to form our own spirtual beliefs. To have a choice in how to practice our faith. To have a choice not to believe in God at all if you so desire.

Well, don't forget that you also have the freedom to make your own decisions when you vote. Use media resources to gather information. Don't believe everything that you hear or read, but take the time to consider all sides of the story. Take the time to find out the truth and to avoid getting caught-up in the media frenzy that feeds off irrelevant hype that has no real bearing on the candidates' suitability for the office.

Practice the freedom to think for yourself.

Think for yourself.

Then be certain to vote on Election Day.

See you at the polls.

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